Tips To Make Other Bloggers Hate You - Comment Crazy

Please Comment at Grow Your Writing BusinessMig at Red Dog is feeling in a devilish mood. She has some evil blogging advice about sure fire ways to get your fellow bloggers to avoid your site and never come back. She’s tagged me to add some more evil blogging advice.

This could be therapeutic, so let’s have some fun. This is strictly tongue in cheek, so please read it in the spirit it is intended. This list could go on forever, so I’ve limited my tips for how to make other bloggers hate you, to comments and commenting. And of course, I’d love you to comment at the end.

You need to read Mig’s list first. It’s great!

Tips For Blog Commenters

Mig covers the usual “I agree…” comment, followed by spamming the comment thread with a link to your site. I think to be truly annoying, it’s better to –

  • 1. Make sure that the site you link out to is completely irrelevant to the post and the current comment thread. You never know if someone reading the freelance writing comment thread may be interested in your link to world wide wrestling tips. It’s still a link right, and a lot of blog owners will let it through, so it’s worth a try.
  • 2. Why stop at one spam link? Everyone adding comments to the post about top business writing strategies, is hanging out to read about your goldfish pet tips. You know they are!
  • 3. After you’ve posted your links and your “Please check out my site. or I agree…” comment, don’t come back and comment or add anything further to the conversation. Your time is far too valuable. Your time is better spent comment spamming other sites… so many sites, so little time…
  • 4. Flaming is a good way to get noticed. Stir up contoversy in your comments. After all, you’re doing the blog owner a favor. Everyone knows that controversy is good for traffic, right?

Now blog owners, if you truly want other bloggers to hate you, and readers to run away, don’t muck around. You need to get serious.

Tips For Blog Owners

  • 5. This is an easy one. Make it as hard as you can for readers to comment. Readers love a comment obstacle course, and the more hoops they have to jump through the better. If you can camouflauge the CAPTCHA’s so they can barely be read, and add a few number puzzles as well before the comment is approved, they’ll love it.
  • 6. Never reply to comments at your blog. You are far too busy.
  • 7. Never visit other bloggers who comment regularly at your blog. You are far too important.
  • 8. Never visit other blogs which link to you. You are far too busy and important.
  • 9. Never thank your readers or acknowledge other bloggers by linking out to useful sites. Always remember, it’s all about you!

And If You Follow Tips 1-9

  • 10. Prepare to shut down your blog. You will only be talking to yourself on your blog… an audience of one. You will have no readers, no interaction, no traffic and no fun. Buy a diary or talk to your dog. No one here is listening.