My recent blogging metaphor was a blog tapestry. Here it is in action… at least in this little corner of the web. Notice all the separate threads which somehow weave together to become part of the same shared experience.

Writer Blog Wanderings

Free SEO Ebook for WordPress

Wander over to Mig’s blog and you can download her free ebook The SEO Book of WordPress Blogs. I am reading it at the moment, and can highly recommend it, especially as it comes when I’m exploring SEO and plugins. In the collaborative spirit that adds to our blog tapestry, the talented Lillie Ammann of a Writer’s Words, an Editor’s Eye proofread and edited Mig’s ebook.

The Dream Catcher

Mig has spread her dream catcher across the web. Fellow writer Laura at Writing Thoughts displays a beautiful collage which Mig created for her. It is just gorgeous! It’s nice to finally “meet” Laura “in person” too.

A Little Bird Told Me

Harmony at Writer in the Making is a regular Grow Your Writing Business visitor. Her blog is sporting a swish new template. She also shares links to some free writing markets ebooks, thanks to the generosity of Erika Dreyfuss. On the template trail, a little bird told me that fellow Gack Inker, Randa has just released her latest free template. I love it!

How Many Hours in a Day?

I asked the super energetic and productive Matt Keegan of The Article Writer if he just has the same 24 hours in his day as the rest of us mere mortals. He replied “…it isn’t always easy keeping up but I prefer to work with a full plate than with anything less.” I can certainly identify with that.

Gettting Work in the Slow Times

One of my favourite bloggers, Lori Widmer of Words on the Page, shares some super tips for getting writing work in the slow times. If you haven’t visited Lori’s site, you’re missing out. She has a knack for sharing the real life world of a writer with a dash of humour and a ton of common sense.

Happy reading, writing and web wanderings! Enjoy exploring the wonderful blog tapestry, and adding to it.