You don’t have to be a published author to be a writer. In fact, you don’t have to be published at all. Some artists, for example, like to experiment and hone their craft for their own enjoyment, for an audience of one, or perhaps family and close friends.

You Know You’re a Writer When

They try different techniques, different textures, different patterns and they are not afraid to take risks. They have no intention of selling their work. Many of the early artists even painted new pictures over previous works.

In the same way, many writers write purely as a form of self expression. Others enjoy the challenge of improving their skills and try a range of genres. Yet others write books to share with their children or grandchildren.

There are also writers who enjoy writing, but their goal is to be published. Again it depends on the motivation. Some are happy to be self published so they can share the book with family and friends, or perhaps for sale. Others want to see their book published by a mainstream publisher.

Some successfully published authors make a living from writing. To them it is not a hobby, but a business. Just as a grocer, teacher or plumber makes a wage from their job, a professional writer relies in whole or in part on his writing income.

Regardless of the motivation, the point is that all of the writers in the above scenarios are indeed writers. Think of yourself as a writer, if you don’t already. This is key to moving forward with your writing.

You know you’re a writer when …

  • You’d rather be writing
  • You have a pen and paper by your bed in case you wake up with a great idea
  • You have a pen and paper in your purse in case you come across an interesting word, hear a snatch of conversation you just have to make a note of, or come across the title of an interesting book
  • You keep coming across new angles for your writing as you meet people or observe everyday life
  • You love to read books or magazines about writing
  • You are naturally curious and an idea magnet
  • You can’t not write… you have the writing bug