Focus on the Future

A new vision to become the greatest soccer nation in the world


Since announcing my candidacy for President of U.S. Soccer, I’ve heard from people across the country, at all levels of our sport. I’ve heard you loud and clear. Through our discussions, I know we all want the same things: we need new leadership, with a track record of success, that instills confidence in the Federation’s members; we agree that the organization can no longer fix problems with Band-Aids, and that we have to do the hard work together to develop proper solutions. I don’t have all the answers to every issue, but I have the experience required to ask the right questions, gain the necessary input, bring people together, build consensus, and lead us to the right answers.

The following ideas and programs are just a start. I plan to continue my conversations with the U.S. soccer community so we arrive at what is in the best interest of the game and its players. There is so much we can accomplish if we are humble enough to listen, collaborate and unite as a soccer community.