• Second to none. If I am President, I will lead the Federation with the goal of making soccer the leading sport in America.
  • Ascendancy in international competitions. Our national teams must strive for excellence and dominate, or continue to dominate, in international competitions.

  • Leadership on the world stage. Winning the right and hosting the most important event on the planet – the 2026 FIFA World Cup – alongside Mexico and Canada will provide a once in a generation opportunity to highlight the quality of our players and fans.


  • Maximize every resource. I will insist that athletes are at the table alongside best-in-class technical professionals to oversee player development and the management of our National Teams. We have been incredibly successful in building the business side of the Federation, but we must provide the same resources (and more) to develop the game. I will work with all of the professional leagues to amplify such investment.
  • Empowerment of business and technical experts. I will empower Dan Flynn and the staff of the Federation to do the job they have been hired to do. I will not be the CEO.  My focus will be as the Chairperson of the Board, and I will work with the elected and independent Board members to govern the sport collectively and transparently.

  • Opportunity for all. I will ensure youth, adult, and affiliate members have the funding and resources they need to create programs that offer opportunities for more players to participate in the game. Americans of all backgrounds and socioeconomic status deserve an equal chance to participate and thrive in this game.


  • Communication. Federation leadership must create opportunities for open and inclusive dialogue and decision-making, from the youth level to the USSF board room. This charge extends beyond simply talking with members – it requires proactively soliciting ideas and establishing mechanisms to continue exploring ways for everyone to contribute to growing the game.

  • Culture. Fundamental to our strength as the American soccer community is our diversity, and the Federation must build an inclusive and open culture that encourages the new people, ideas, and perspectives that are required to reach new levels of sporting and commercial success. Also, our Federation must continue to play a leadership role within FIFA and CONCACAF, and I will represent the Federation and our country with the highest level of integrity.

  • Equality. Kids dream of representing our country on a global stage as players, coaches, referees, executives, or administrators. I want to show every one of them that anything is possible through hard work, but I believe electing a woman to lead U.S. Soccer will be especially meaningful to girls everywhere. I am running to be the first woman President of U.S. Soccer, but if I am fortunate enough to win your support, I know I won’t be the last.